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(VIDEOS) Considering model trains ? This can be a fantastic hobby to start up. However, some beginners to the model railroader community may have issues with where or how to begin. This short article will give you some tips if you are just starting this hobby.

Tips here include what model train beginners should look for in a first set, where to find out more, and learning more about the model railroading community.

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Do Research

First, you want to begin by doing a bit of research into the topic. Model train s can be expensive and time consuming, so do not just dive right into it. Start slowly. Read-up on different name brands, company histories, other collectors, starter collections available, , the history  and more.

You can find information about all these things in books and magazines targeted toward those in the community, or on the internet. You may also purchase a wide variety of train models, set types, and more online. Think about what your dream railroad  would be, and start planning your first small part of your layout.

What to Look for in a Beginner Train Set


There are a few things that new model railroader enthusiast should look for in their first train or locomotive. Look for a name brand locomotive that is in very good condition. This will protect the future value of the are some examples- atlas  trains, bachmann  trains, Lionel, ho scale, g scale, z scale… all great for your model train layout.

Some great deals can be found on eBay

For an even better future return on your investment, look for model trains in original packaging with original parts, if available.  It’s always good to start with a quality locomotive first, or a great starter kit that may make a good way to get started and build your collection quickly. You will also want to get a set that is compatible with a long lasting, strong power supply.

Embrace Others

Lastly, embrace others in the community. This is a great way to get advice, trade, buy and sell parts, hear about new ideas or innovations in model railroading, and more. These people are really here to help, so let them.

You can find vast communities online, or you may even be able to find a club in your area . Either way, you want to find some friends in this community, as it gives you a chance to meet others and gain more knowledge.

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